"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"

"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"
"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ" according to Bishop Athanasius Schneider: 1. Mass versus populum. 2. Communion in the hand. 3. The Novus Ordo Offertory prayers. 4. Disappearance of Latin in the Ordinary Form. 5. Liturgical services of lector and acolyte by women and ministers in lay clothing.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Alois Irlmaier (1894-1959)

Italian revolution and clergy persecution, flight of the Pope

 In the "boot country" (Italy) a revolution breaks out in which they kill all the clergy, I see priests with white hair lying dead on the ground. Behind the Pope is a bloody knife, but I think he escapes them dressed in the robe of a pilgrim.

Assassination of a high-ranking official, possibly in the Balkans

 Two men will assassinate a third high-ranking official, they were paid by other people to do so. One of the murderers is a small black man, the other a little larger, with lighter hair color. I think it will be in the Balkans, but can not say exactly.

 After the assassination of the third everything will begin overnight. The killers get away from them, but then it turns to dust. I see quite clearly three numbers, two eights and one nine. What that means, I do not know at this time.  I can not say.

Middle East war despite loud protestations of peace

    Everyone calls for peace, shalom! Then it's going to happen. - A new Middle East war suddenly flares up, big naval forces gather in the Mediterranean the situation becomes hostile and tense.

The assasination in the Balkans will trigger the war. 

    But the real spark is thrown in the Balkan powder keg: I see a fall "Great one", a bloody dagger lies beside him.

The war is preceded by a fruitful year with lots of fruits and grain harvest. 

Surprisingly beginning of the war comes from the east

    Starts by the sunrise (Russians.). It therefore happens quickly. (in Germany) The farmers sit in the pub playing cards, as the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors at them. All black is an army column coming in from the east, but it all goes very quickly.

Description of Army columns from the East

     A threesome I see, but I do not know if it's three days' or three weeks.
    From the golden city (Prague, GG.) they come into Germany. The first worm goes from blue water (Danube river) northwest up to the Swiss border '.

    At Regensburg there is no bridge over the Danube, south of the blue water, they do not come. ...

    Then ... it goes very fast. Massed troops march in Belgrade and forth from the east, and move to Italy.

    A moment later three armored military groups go north of the Danube at lightning speed over West Germany towards the Rhine - without warning.
    This will occur so unexpectedly that the population flees in panic toward the west. Many cars clog the roads - if they had but stayed at home or used other roads! What is an obstacle on highways and freeways for the rapidly advancing tanks tips and crushes them (the cars). 
    I see no bridge across the Danube above Regensburg.
    From the large city of Frankfurt hardly nothing remains left.
    The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly from the air. ...

    I see ... Three military invasion spearheads approach: the lower army comes over the forest so, but then runs northwest up the Danube. The line is near Prague to the Bavarian forest and northwest. The blue water (Danube) is the southern boundary.

    The second one edge going from east to west Saxony, third from northeast to southwest.

    Now I see the earth like a ball before me, on the lines of the aircraft emerge that now fly up like swarms of white pigeons from the sand.
    The Russian military comes in his three wedges, nothing to stop them. Day and night they come until reaching the Ruhr, where the industrial factories are. ...
    The second shock comes over Saxony westward against the Ruhr area, as is the third army group, from the north-east is west of Berlin. Day and night the Russians come, inexorably. Their goal is the industrial Ruhr area of Germany. ...

Bombing into the sea creates floods and earthquakes, sinking parts of England

    But as I see one therefore fly from the east, which throws a large bomb in the water well then something very strange happens. The water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down hard again, then everything is flooded. There is an earthquake and half the large island will sink.

    A single aircraft ... that comes from the east, throws an object into the big water. Since the water lifts itself as high as a tower high and falls down again. Everything is flooded. There is an earthquake. The southern part of England slips into the water.

    Three large cities will perish one will perish in the water, the second stands as deep as a church steeple in the sea, and the third city falls altogether. ...
    A part of England disappears, when the thing falls into the sea, which the pilot drops. Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. What that (bomb?) is, I do not know. ...

    The countries on the sea are endangered because of the water, the sea is very rough, the waves go as high as a house; the sea foams as if it is boiling underground. Islands disappear, and the climate is changing. A part of the proud island sinks, if the thing falls into the sea, which the pilot drops. Then the water lifts itself as high as a tower and falls down. What that is, I do not know. When it comes, I do not know.

Duration of the war

    The whole war doesn't last long, I see three points - three days, three weeks, three months, I don't know exactly, but it (the war) won't last long!

3-day darkness during the war

    During the war ... is the great darkness that lasts 72 hours. (Asteroid impact?)
    ... In this event, I see a large cross in the heavens, and an earthquake will be thunder and lightning that frightens all the world and they cry out: "There is a God!"
    It will be dark in a day during the war. Then breaks forth a hail of thunder and lightning, and an earthquake shakes the earth.

Behavior during the dark days:

The lights do not burn, except candle light, there is no electricity. 
     Whoever breathes the dust, gets a cramp and dies. Outside the dust kills many people.

Then do not go out of the house!

Do not look out the windows, during the 72 hours do not open any window cover them with black paper.

Keep the blessed candles burning. 

All open water is toxic and all foods that are not in sealed cans. Also eat no food in jars.

Do not go out, do not look out the window,: I say it again. 

And pray.

    After 72 hours it will be over.

Outside there will be countless dead people and animals, from lack of water and by the toxic cloud

    Overnight, more people die than in the two world wars .... After the disaster, more people will die than in the two world wars together.

    The rivers will have so little water in them that you can easily walk through them.

    The cattle will fall, the grass is withered and yellow, the dead people are all yellow and black. The wind drives the clouds of death off to the east.

Peace then, resettlement in empty areas

Then there will be peace and a good time.

     After the disaster a long, happy time will come. Those who shall experience this peaceful time can be thankful and very happy  for it shall be very good.  .

    The landless people prefer now to where the wilderness has emerged. Anyone can settle where he likes, and have land as much as he can cultivate.

Warmer climate in Germany

    By climate changes wine is cultivated with us again. There are tropical fruits grown here in Germany with us. It is much warmer than now.

In an interview given in the 1950s Alois Irlmaier related the following:

The city with the iron tower (Paris?) becomes the victim of its own people. They ignite everything. Revolution is, and everything is going wildly.
The large city with the iron tower is on fire. But this has been done by its own people, not by those who came from the east. And in Italy it is going wildly too. They kill many people there and the Pope flees, but many clergymen will be killed, many churches collapse.
In Russia a revolution breaks out and a civil war. The corpses are so much that you cannot remove them off the roads anymore. The large ones among the party leaders commit suicide and in the blood the great guilty is washed off. I see a red mass mixed with yellow faces, it is a general riot and horrible killing.
The cross comes to honours anew. The Russian people believe in God anew. They sing the Easter song and burn candles in front of sacred pictures. By the prayers of Christianity the monster from hell dies; also the young people believe anew in the intercession of the God's mother.
If everything is over, a part of the inhabitants have died, and the people are frightened of God anew.

The abortion laws, which bring death to the children, become invalid. Then peace will be. A good time. The Pope, who had not to flee across the water for a long time, returns. When the flowers bloom in the meadows, he will return and mourn for his murdered brothers. After these events a long, lucky time comes. But the people have to begin anew there, where their grandfathers began. End!


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Has the Catholic Church ever given approval to this seer and his prophecies? I read somewhere that at one point he was accused of witchcraft and put on trial but was exonerated when he correctly predicted what the judges wife happened to be wearing that day. I'm not saying that this man wasn't a genuine mystic but, to me I would be more inclined to believe his prophecies if they had full Church approval.

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