"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"

"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"
"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ" according to Bishop Athanasius Schneider: 1. Mass versus populum. 2. Communion in the hand. 3. The Novus Ordo Offertory prayers. 4. Disappearance of Latin in the Ordinary Form. 5. Liturgical services of lector and acolyte by women and ministers in lay clothing.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cardinal Siri on the dress of Progressive priests


The dress of the progressive priests

progressivism among the clergy is seen in the dress, of course, bourgeois,
or disguised in such a way as to create an impression. The rule allows
such for the Italian clergyman, but it is clearly stated that the 'normal' dress
is the cassock. Shape and color: two things that in Italy are little respected.
He Who wears the cassock is outside of progress. 
Instead, the cassock, "defense by the rule of law as ordinary business suit," 
can never get lost in the mass, to remain in evidence, to be a witness
of holiness and courage. On this point I think I'll have to come back.
 In fact, at this time the greatest danger for the clergy is to DISAPPEAR.
 They are disappearing, because now there is hardly notice in the
 official world, culture, politics, art that we are there too. 
Between us it gets even to the point of proclaiming that there
 is no more "Christianity". Perhaps is that not indicative of 
the referendum on divorce? I have the impression that almost
 no one has tried to study the link between the outcome of 
the referendum and the dress of the priest, between the
 referendum and the near destruction of much of the
 Italian Catholic Action. I know that the people have faith
 in the bottom of their heart and revives it with every thrust,
 but all the hatred and anti-clerical Masonic influence that has
 taken over almost all means of expression does believe otherwise,
 it acts as if the Church were dead (which is far from true!)
 but many of our own give hand to all this. promiscuity,
blemish of worldliness, discuss the legitimate authority
 and Christ who constituted, constitutes PROGRESSIVE MERIT.
 Go to Taizé rather than Lourdes or Rome is progressivism,
 while you go to one of the biggest religious misconceptions
 of the century.

[Thought of Cardinal Giuseppe Siri taken from the
 "Genovese Diocesan Magazine" of January 1975]

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