"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"

"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"
"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ" according to Bishop Athanasius Schneider: 1. Mass versus populum. 2. Communion in the hand. 3. The Novus Ordo Offertory prayers. 4. Disappearance of Latin in the Ordinary Form. 5. Liturgical services of lector and acolyte by women and ministers in lay clothing.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This is a translation of an open letter to Pope Francis regarding his "Ramadan Letter" to Muslims by a Priest (Guy Pagès, born in 1958 , is a Catholic priest of the diocese of Paris, blogger and podcaster French.Ordained a priest in 1994 . During his early years he was a missionary in the Islamic Republic of Djibouti for him to specialize in Islam 2 . Back in France and lacking ministry, Father Pagès is charged by his superiors with a mission of evangelization by internet 3 . He shared on multimedia platforms YouTube , Dailymotion and GloriaTV, chronic videos on the news, Islam, the major themes of the doctrine of the Church as well as catechesis . It also creates the blog Islam & Truth , Catholic blog and very critical of Islam. ) from the Blog ' Muniatintrantes'

Open Letter to the Pope

Open letter from a priest who writes to the Pope to Muslims

Don Guy Pagès - Paris
I start from  Traditio Liturgical  the Open Letter from a Catholic priest of the diocese of Paris to the current pope. The indication that it yields underlines the bloggers who posted them, is that   the direction impressed by the Catholic hierarchy is not the same as found at its base. This also means that any forced change of the liturgy in the West does not necessarily reflect the will of the people.

Most Holy Father, Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave you the mission to guide his Church!

Let me on behalf of countless people shocked by   your letter to the Muslims  on the occasion of ' Id al-Fitr , and by virtue of canon 212 § 3 [2]: "   In accord with the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess , they have the right, indeed at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church and to make their opinion known to the other faithful regard for the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of the person  , " to share his reflections of this open letter.

Greeting with "   great pleasure  " Muslims on the occasion of Ramadan, considered time spent '  in fasting, prayer and almsgiving , "he seems unaware that the fast of Ramadan is such that " the average cost of a family that makes it increases 30%  "[3], which alms are accessible only to needy Muslims and the Muslim prayer consists in refusing five times a day faith in the Trinity and Jesus Christ, to ask for the grace not to follow the path of Lost as that of the Christians ... In addition, during Ramadan, is a dizzying increases in crime  [4]. Is there really any reason one can praise these practices ?

His letter states that we must have respect for Muslims and "   especially for their religious leaders  , " but you do not say in what way.  Since you are talking to them as Muslims, it follows that this respect is also for Islam. Now what Islam does for a Christian though, since  it "  denies the Father and the Son  "(1 John 2: 22), is presents as one of the most powerful Antichrists that there are, in number and violence (Ap 20, 7-10)? How can we value both Christ and what is opposed to Him?

Your message goes on to note that "   the size of the family and society are particularly important for Muslims in this period  "of Ramadan, but what it does not say is that Ramadan serves as a powerful means of social conditioning, of oppression, subjugation and Islamic totalitarianism, in short of total denial of respect it evoked ... Thus Article 222 of the Moroccan Penal Code states: "   Whoever, known for his membership in the Muslim religion, ostensibly breaks the fast in a public place during the period of Ramadan, without grounds permitted by this religion, shall be punished with imprisonment from one to six months and a fine  . " And this is Morocco's moderate ...

What kind of "   parallel  "can be found among"   the size of the family and the Muslim society "and"   the Christian faith and practice  ", since the state of the Muslim family includes polygamy (Qur'an 4, 3, 33, 49 , 52, 59), repudiation (Qur'an 2, 230), and Legal ontological inferiority of women (Qur'an 4, 38, 2, 282, 4, 11), the need for the husband to beat his wife (Qur'an 4 , 34), etc..? What are the similarities there may be between the Muslim society built for the glory of the One and that, in fact, can not tolerate otherness or freedom, or, therefore, to distinguish the religious and spiritual spheres from the rest? "   Between us and you enmity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone!  "(Quran 60: 4). What are the similarities with the Christian society, built for the glory of the Triune God that promotes respect for legitimate differences? Rather, for "  parallel ", one should not understand what you do not like and approach but since, on the contrary, absolutely not approaching? In which case, the misunderstanding may serve to clarify your  statement?

You propose to your interlocutors to reflect on "   the promotion of mutual respect through education  , "suggesting that they share with her ​​the same values ​​of humanity,"   mutual respect  . " But this is not the case. For a Muslim, it is not human nature to be a reference, nor the good knowable by reason: the 'man and his well'm not the one who invokes the Koran. The Qur'an instructs Muslims that Christians, because they are Christians "   are unclean  "(Quran 9, 28),"  the worst of creation  "(Qur'an 98: 6),"   the vilest of animals  "(Quran 8:22, cf . 8.55) [5] ... Why Islam is the true religion (Qur'an 2, 208, 3, 19, 85), which shall rule over all the others, to eradicate them completely (Qur'an 2, 193), and those who are not Muslims can only be perverts and cursed ( Koran 3, 10, 82, 110, 4, 48, 56, 76, 91, 71, 44, 9, 17,34, 11, 14, 13, 15, 33, 14:30, 16.28 to 9; 18, 103 -6, 21, 98, 22, 19-22, 55, 25, 21, 33, 64, 40, 63, 48,13), that Muslims must fight constantly (Qur'an 61, from 4.10 to 2, 8, 40, 2, 193) by deception (Qur'an 3, 54, 4, 142, 8, 30, 86,16), terror (Qur'an 3,151, 8, 12, 60, 33, 26, 59, 2), and all types of punishment (Koran 5, 33, 8, 65, 9, 9, 29, 12, 25, 77), such as beheading (Koran 8, 12 Koran 47, 4) or the crucifixion (Koran 5, 33 ) to eliminate (Koran 2, 193, 8, 39, 9, 5, 111, 123, 47, 4) and finally destroy (Koran 2, 191, 4, 89, 91, 6, 45, 9, 5, 30, 36, 73, 33, 60-2: 66, 9). "   O ye who believe! Fight to death the unbelievers who are near to you and that you are in the cruelty ..."   (Qur'an 9, 124)  "   May Allah curse them!  "(Quran 9, 30 cf. 31, 51, 4, 48) ...

Holy Father, you can never forget, when you go to the Muslims, you can not go outside of the Koran? You appeal "   to respect every person [...] First of all, for his life, to physical integrity, to his dignity with rights which its reputation, its heritage, its ethnic identity and cultural, his ideas and his policies  . " It can not affect the provisions given by Allah, which are immutable and I have listed some of them. But if we respect "   others' ideas and policy choices  , "as we can, then, oppose the stoning, amputation and all sorts of other abominable practices commanded by   Sharia ? Its good speech can not shake the Muslims who do not have lessons to learn from us, being "   impurities  "(Quran 9, 28). And if, despite everything, applaud as they did in Italy, it is because the policy of the Holy See serves greatly to their interests by passing their religion as respectable in the eyes of the world, thinking that leads to consider the universal values ​​she preconizzati. .. The applaud as long as it will be, as in Italy, a minority. But when they will no longer be, what happens will happen everywhere are the majority: every Muslim group does not have to disappear (Qur'an 9:1; 47, 4, 61, 4, etc..) Or pay the   jyzaia  to buy the right to survive (Qur'an 9, 29). You can not ignore all this, but how can it, hiding it in the eyes of the world, promote the expansion of Islam in front of innocent or naive so abused?Maybe she observes the compliments that have been sent as a sign of fertility of his attitude?Then she ignores the principle of   takyia  who commands us to kiss the hand that a Muslim can not cut (Qur'an 3: 28, 16, 106). But they are worth such exchanges of courtesy? St. Paul did not say: "   If I seek to please men, I will not be the servant of Christ  "(Gal. 1: 10)? Jesus said cursed those who are the object of veneration by all (Lk 6, 26). But if your natural enemies praise her, who does not praise?   The Church's mission is to teach good manners to live in society?  St. John the Baptist would have died if he had simply wanted to wish a good party to Herod? Maybe tell you that there is no comparison with Herod, because Herod was living in sin and that it was the duty of a prophet denouncing sin?

But if every Christian has become a prophet, the day of his baptism, and if sin is not believing in Jesus, the Son of God, Savior (Jn 16: 9), what exactly do you glory l 'Islam, how could a Christian who does not denounce the sin that is Islam and call them to conversion "in season and out of season" (2 Tim 4, 2)? Since the aim of Islam is to replace Christianity that would pervert the revelation of pure monotheism with faith in the Holy Trinity, since Jesus is not God, it is neither dead nor resurrected, there would have been no redemption, and Its mission would be reduced to nothing, because they do not denounce Islam as the predicted Imposter (Mt 24, 4, 11, 24) and the predator par excellence of the Church? Instead of hunting the wolf, Vatican diplomacy gives the impression of preferring the nutrition of flattery, not seeing that this is just waiting to be well nourished to do what is everywhere has become sufficiently strong and vigorous. We need to remember the martyrs Christians living in Egypt, Pakistan and wherever Islam is in power? How can the Holy See, to take responsibility for endorsing Islam by presenting it as a lamb, while it is a wolf in sheep's clothing? In Akita, the Virgin Mary warned us: "   The devil introduction in the Church is because it is full of people who accept compromises  '...

Holy Father, how can your letter which stated that "   in particular between Muslims and Christians, we are called to respect the other's religion, its teachings, its symbols and values  ​​"? How can we respect Islam, which continually blasphemes the Holy Trinity and our Lord Jesus Christ, the Church accused of having falsified the gospel and trying to supplant it (Rev. 12: 4)? As St. Irenaeus wrote Against Heresies St. John Damascene   On heresies  where there are "   many laughable absurdity contained in the Koran  , "St. Thomas Aquinas, with his   Summa against the Gentiles  and all the saints who are committed to criticize the false religions were not then true Christians, though today it retroactively condemned the actions as those of some rare contemporary apologist?

The scope of cooperation between reason and faith, so encouraged by Pope Benedict XVI, you should exclude the religious? If you follow your appeal expressed by this letter,  Holy Father, then we must ask with the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) [6], the condemnation throughout the world for any criticism of Islam, and then cooperate with the 'OIC to spread Islam teaches that, again, the corruption of Christianity that will be replaced by Islam ... Why you should put together the OIC in a museum Christian apologetic?

If it is true that you can not sow among thorns (Mt 13, 2-9), but that one must first weed to start sowing, it is also true that you can not begin to proclaim the Good News of salvation to a ' Muslim soul by How long been vaccinated and immunized, from early childhood, against the Christian faith (Qur'an 5, 72, 9, 113, 98, 6 ...) filling it with prejudice, slander and all sorts of lies about Christianity. Therefore one must necessarily begin to criticize Islam "   his teachings, symbols and values  ​​"to destroy itself the falsehoods that make enemy to Christianity. St. Paul not only asks to use "   weapons of defense of justice  , "but also"   offensive weapons  "(2 Cor 6, 7). Where are these in the life of the Church today?

Oh, sure, join in the joy of good people ignorant of God's will and wish them a happy Ramadan may not seem like a bad thing in itself, just as St. Peter when he thought legitimized Jewish customs ... in fear of the "   proto-Muslims  "that the Nazarenes were Jews! But Saint Paul corrected him in front of everyone by showing that he had more important things to do than trying to please the false brethren (Gal. 24, 11-14, 2 Cor 11, 26; Koran 21, 93, 60, 4, etc.) . If Paul is right how can you say that we should not criticize "  the religion of others, its teachings, its symbols and values  ​​"? Not wanting to criticize Islam, your letter also justifies the bishops who go to the ceremony of laying the first stone of a mosque. What they do is, even in their case, a matter of courtesy in the desire to please everyone and promote civil peace.

Tomorrow, when their people will become Muslims, they will say that it was their bishop, rather than keep them in Christianity, has shown them the way to the mosque ... It may as well say the same thing in regard to the Holy See, as they will have learned not to think about the true Islam but to honor it as good and respectable in itself ...

Your letter justifies your wishes for Ramadan by saying that "   It is clear that when we show respect for the religion of others or when we offer our best wishes on the occasion of a religious festival, we just try to share in his joy without this Therefore, to refer to the content of his religious convictions  . " How to rejoice with a joy that glorifies Islam? The attitude as predicted, the Holy Father agrees to that commanded by Jesus: "   Let your conversation be 'yes yes', 'no no': the rest comes from the evil one  "(Mt 5, 37)? And even if you could believe not to sin by wishing a happy Ramadan, because of a mental reservation that denies the link between Islam and Ramadan (a denial indicating that this behavior still poses problems), this accords with the pastoral charity which wishes to be a shepherd  who cares about how his actions will be understood by his interlocutors? In fact they can think of Muslims when they hear us wish them a happy Ramadan, except that we're idiots, incomprehensibly obtuse, certainly cursed by Allah, not to become ourselves Muslims as we recognize their religion not only as an asset (because able to give them the joy that hope), but certainly superior to Christianity (since it comes after it). Or they may think we are hypocrites, not daring to tell them what we think in the face of their religion which is equivalent to recognize that we are afraid of them as if they were already our masters? They may have a different interpretation if they think of Muslims?

Many Muslims have expressed their joy as you honor their religion. How will they ever be converted, if the Church encourages them to practice Islam? How can the Holy See announce the falsity of Islam and the duty to abandon it to save himself by receiving holy baptism?   Everything does not promote religious relativism for which the differences between religions are unimportant as it is all that is good in 'man who would be saved regardless of the religions?

The early Christians refused to participate in the civil ceremonies of the Roman Empire they were supposed to burn incense before a statue of the emperor, a ritual apparently very commendable as promoting coexistence and unity of different peoples and many major religions of the Roman Empire. The early Christians, for whom the uniqueness of the Lordship of Jesus was more important than any reality of this world, even the esteem of their fellow citizens, they have preferred to sign with their blood the originality of their message. And if we love our neighbor, whoever they are, including Muslims, as members of the human species like us, wanted and loved from all eternity by God, redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb without spot, Jesus taught us to deny any human bond that is opposed to his love (Mt 12, 46-50, 23, 31, Lk 9, 59-62, 14, 26, Jn 10, 34, 15,25). How fraternity then you might call "   brothers  "Muslims (see his statement of 29.03.2013)? There is a brotherhood that transcends all human things including that of communion with Christ, rejected by Islam, and that could be the only important? The will of God is that we believe in Christ (Jn 6: 29), that "   we do not recognize any other in the flesh  "(2 Cor 5: 16).

Perhaps the Vatican diplomacy thinks that in their silence about what Islam is, will save the lives of the poor Christians in Muslim countries? No, Islam will continue to haunt them (cf. Jn 16, 2) and even more if you do not see any objection to that because that is its raison d'etre (Qur'an 9: 30). These Christians, like all Christians, do not expect, rather, that she reminds them that this is the legacy of every disciple of Christ, that of being persecuted in his name (cf. Mt 16, 24, Mk 13, 13, Jn 15, 20) and that is a very great grace of which are to be welcomed? Jesus has commanded us not to fear the torments of persecution (Luke 12, 4) and, to the brothers persecuted for our faith, rallegrasi eighth beatitude (Mt 5, 11-12). This joy is not perhaps the best testimony?

Which best service we can give devout Muslims when we are not afraid of dying, since they are certain to go to enjoy the Uri that Allah has promised them as a reward for their crimes? What better service if you do not give them their lives for love of God and the salvation of others?

His letter refers to the testimony of St. Francis but does not say that St. Francis sent the brothers to evangelize Morocco, knowing that most likely would have been martyred, what actually happened. It does not say that he himself undertook to evangelize the Sultan Al Kamil Al Malik [7]. The charity complaint lies and calls to conversion.

Most Holy Father, we make it hard to find in your message to the Muslims the echo of the charity of St Paul commands: "   Do not you put a yoke with unbelievers that it is not for you, because what is the relationship between justice and lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what is the relationship between the faithful and the unfaithful?  "(2 Cor 6:14-15), or those of the sweet St. John not to accept anyone who discards the Catholic Faith, not even greet him under pain of participating in his "  evil deeds  "(2 John 7, 11) ... Greeting the Muslims during Ramadan, do not participate in their evil deeds? Who hates today, even a garment spotted by the flesh (cf. Jude 23)? The doctrine of the Apostles is no longer present?

Yes, the Second Vatican Council calls Christians to forget the past, but this can not mean anything else but forget all resentment to the violence and injustices suffered by Christians over the centuries, and what interests us, inflicted on them by the Muslims. Forget the past does not mean to condemn ourselves to relive the same evils of that time?   Without having a memory there can still be an identity? Without memory, we could still have a future?

Most Holy Father, have you read the Open Letter of Magdi Cristiano Allam, [8] former Muslim baptized by Pope Benedict XVI in 2006, who announced to leave the Church because of its compromise with the Islamization of the West? This letter is a terrible thunder in the sky in front of the apathy and cowardice of the Church and should be a big warning to us!

Most Holy Father, as the diplomacy is not covered by the charism of infallibility and his message to Muslims to mark the end of Ramadan is not a magisterial act, I take the liberty to criticize openly and respectfully (canon 212 § 3). Surely you considered that before we talk about "   theology  "with Muslims, it was necessary to have their hearts by teaching the duty, however elementary, to respect others. I wanted to tell you that we believe that such teaching should be done without any reference to Islam, in order to avoid any ambiguity in this regard.Why not at the first of the year or at Christmas?

It was certainly not without reason that Benedict XVI has lifted the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and transferred its powers to the Pontifical Council for Culture ...

That said, I renew my pledge of allegiance to the Chair of St. Peter, in faith in his infallible magisterium, wanting to see the same done by all Catholics shaken in their faith for your message to Muslims to mark the end of Ramadan.
Don Guy Pagès

 "In accord with the knowledge, competence, and prestige which they possess, they have the right, indeed at times the duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and to make it known to other faithful regard for the integrity of faith and morals, with reverence toward their pastors, and attentive to common advantage and the dignity of the person "[Can. 212, § 3 "As well as stool, urine, meat, wine," says Ayatollah Khomeny, Principles in political, philosophical, social and religious Éditions Libres Hallier, Paris, Catholique ]

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