"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"

"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ"
"The Five Wounds of the Liturgical Mystical Body of Christ" according to Bishop Athanasius Schneider: 1. Mass versus populum. 2. Communion in the hand. 3. The Novus Ordo Offertory prayers. 4. Disappearance of Latin in the Ordinary Form. 5. Liturgical services of lector and acolyte by women and ministers in lay clothing.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Lord, give us a new St. Pius X!


Lord, give us a new St. Pius X!

We have the honor to present the sermon delivered by the Reverend Father Anderson Batista da Silva at the parish of San Juan Bautista, in El Paso, Texas, USA, the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost -  July 18, 2010, on the centenary of the very current Charter Encyclical  Notre Charge Apostolique, St. Pius X, about the errors of the Sillon movement .  
Dear brothers, this time I will speak only in Spanish.
This year we celebrate the centenary of a document of Pope St. Pius X of great importance. The document is called Nostre Charge Apostolique , a letter that the Holy Father wrote on August 25, 1910, the day of St. Louis King of France to the French bishops. And speaking of that letter? He spoke of a Catholic movement called Sillon, which began praised by the Pope, began to attract many Catholics, but that ended up misrepresenting themselves. The Holy Father and the bishops began to draw attention for correction, but the Sillon declined to answer the call of the Holy Father for correction and continued with their doctrines. So, St. Pius X, with holiness and strength wrote that document refuting the errors of the Sillon and speaking of true action of Christians in the world.
Our Lord in today's Gospel says that the sons of Darkness are more shrewd in their business than the children of Light
St. Pius X says this and teaches us how to be clever. What is the purpose of our ministry? The Pope begins his document:
Our Apostolic office imposes on us the obligation to ensure the purity of the faith, for the integrity of Catholic discipline and preserve the faithful of the dangers of error and evil, especially when the error and evil is present with a language attractive, covering the ambiguity ideas and expressions of misunderstanding with the ardor of feeling and sound of words can inflame hearts with love of things seductive but disastrous. "
Here ends the quotation from the Holy Father.
It is interesting that the Holy Father speaks at the beginning which is the burden of pastors and bishops. What is your first task, as Supreme Pastor of the Church, which is the burden of their own pastors of the Church?
Firstly, ensure the purity of the faith.
Pastors should first ensure the purity of the faith, for the integrity of Catholic discipline and preserve the faithful of the danger of error and evil.
Today, unfortunately, it seems that the theme of freedom, solidarity, immigration, water, land reform and the economy draws more attention of the shepherds guarding the purity of the faith, than the integrity of Catholic discipline and preservation the faithful of the dangers of error and evil.
There are dangers, there are dangers to the faithful "and St. Pius X said it a hundred years ago. What would he say if he were here with us today?
But St. Pius X said, " especially when that danger and this error come in attractive language . " The error is most dangerous when presented with attractive language. It's obvious! The poison is placed in the most delicious cake. The poison often has this compelling presentation, covering the ambiguity of ideas. Errors and heresies are always contradictory, but covering the ambiguity of these ideas with enticing words, and beautiful sounding words - to be spoken and heard. St. Pius X said that can inflame the hearts; [who] hear the erroneous doctrine with this misconception, as it sets hearts aflame. And this is the truth, but it inflames hearts with love of things alluring but fatal.
The supernatural issues are those in charge of the shepherds. What is the purpose of the Church? The Church is not Greenpeace. There is an NGO that has to deal with politics and the things of society. The Church is the Mystical Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and its end is to glorify God, and to save souls. So what are the duties of the pastors of the Church? Caring for the orthodoxy of faith, caring for the teaching of right morals, to ensure a worthy celebration of the Eucharist, taking care of the spiritual life of souls. But, unfortunately, this is not what we see commonly.
The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, the bishops gathered in southern Brazil, my nation, at the end of last year, said these words: " The faithful feel cheated and disappointed "when they see their pastors give in, talking about topics such as equality, freedom, the economy, immigration and so on., but fail to speak of supernatural themes and fundamental truths of the faith, " as sin, grace, theological life - faith, hope and charity - the last things "- death, judgment and hell and paradise.
Unfortunately, the attempt to make of our Lord Jesus Christ one political messiah, deliverer of the Church and a simple instrument to make, in the story, his utopia, is widespread.
Many think of the church as an institution to help them live right here on Earth, to live well here, so that I feel very comfortable here, but never for Heaven Beyond the narrow gate and the wide gate that leads to destruction. [Avoidance] speak of sin that leads to death, talking about the judgment of God, that is, the end of life, as says St. John of the Cross, we will be judged by love, will be judged for everything we do.
Nowadays, the confusion is so great that we can see in many circles in many places. Here I remember a slogan from a Christian Catholic training institute, near here that spoke about the Church's future and that there was an adult Christianity taught there, where there is preaching the Gospel, the Gospel is lived. What a mess of ideas! What a mess! They have an adult Christianity. What the Church has taught for 2000 years maybe, for them, is something for children.
However, they may also have forgotten what our Lord said in the Gospel today: "The children belong to the kingdom of heaven [...]"
They said: "Here we do not preach the Gospel, if he lives," as if the Church had never lived the Gospel, as now a newly discovered experience a new, new wine ...
The confusion also extends when we look at the opening that has been compared to everyone, charity toward all, openness, love ...
If I go to a Protestant church and pray there with them, they will say: "Look! Watch! Father' is ecumenical! That's good. "
If I'm with the Muslims, they say: "Look! As he converses with other religions, good! Because God is everywhere. "
If I am with the Masons, they say: "Look! The priest is open to the world, talks to everyone! "
However, if I go near the SSPX, say: "Oh! Excommunicated! Schismatic "What wrong with him?!
There is something wrong with the thinking of these people.
If I am with the world, with other religions, and dialogue, [people say]: "He is a man of dialogue, is all, open to all."
But if I take Tradition and love that I am celebrating this Mass - the Mass that saints celebrated for centuries and centuries of the Church - I am rejected as a madman, a fanatic, a fundamentalist, one anathema, a schismatic.
However, these adjectives do not appear to Muslims, who do not believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Masons, who reject the Church, the Protestants who do not accept to Our Blessed Mother, [nor] the Eucharistic presence of Our Lord.
For them there! Excommunication, not charity!
St. Pius X says that the error presents itself as something good. The Sillon, this move to St. Pius X in his encyclical condemns Notre Charge Apostolique , trying to be a political and social role of Catholics in social and political life, but no relation to faith. What is absurd, because it is impossible to speak of the reality of God without speaking. It is impossible to build a world without God.
it's Already been tried- Babel. The city built against God and without God is absurd. Liberal thinking [is] to want to be Catholic, but when entering in universities, offices or in Congress, as a hat removes the Catholic faith. But when dealing with laws, teachings, communications, politics, society, no, nothing of the word of God or faith.
It is as impossible to refer to reality making abstraction of God as it is impossible to see without light.
Said St. Pius X in his encyclical: " They, the Sillon, formed a special concept of human dignity, freedom, justice and brotherhood, and to justify their social dreams, appeal to the Gospel interpreted in their own way, and the which is more severe, a Christ disfigured and diminished . "
So that they have the true Gospel. The Church, no. They would know that it was like the Lord, but the Church does.
And through it all, we have to do many things. Should change the Mass because the Mass is a supper; [say] Our Lord celebrated in this way, with everyone sitting in the dining room ... As if the Church was wrong for twenty centuries.
St. Pius X continues: " We know who boast of raising human dignity and condition, long overlooked, the working classes [...] her dream is to replace the traditional and natural bases and promise a future city built on other principles who dare to declare more fruitful, more beneficent than the principles on which rests the current Christian society . "
They - says St. Pius X - teach that the traditional doctrine of the Church does not equal your version of the faith, because they will build a new world. novus ordo . novus ordo saeculorum . A new world ... without God, without the Church, without the grace of the Sacraments.
Firmly responds St. Pius X: " No, Venerable Brethren - and it must be recognized strongly in these times of social and intellectual anarchy - the city will not be built otherwise than that by which God has built; society  did not build the Church did not lay the foundation and did not direct the work, no, civilization is no more to be invented nor the new city to be built in the clouds. It existed and exists, it is Christian civilization, it is the Catholic City. It only establishes it and restore it incessantly about their natural and divine foundations against attacks of the ever new unhealthy utopia, rebellion and wickedness: instaurare omnia in Christo ".
Restore everything in our Lord Jesus Christ. This was the papal motto of St. Pius X. What can we conclude from these words? Firstly, it is very interesting to note: St. Pius X said in his time, ie, a century ago, there was a social and intellectual anarchy. What would he say if he saw what happens today in the Holy Church of God, everywhere?
Pope Benedict XVI said, last year, on 09 January in a letter to the Bishops: faith is, in many parts of the earth, like the flame of a candle - to the point of being extinguished.
I think St. Pius X would not say, as others have said, the joys and hopes of the modern world are the same joys and hopes of the Church. No! Because the joy of the world is that of sin, is the joy of the carnival, is the joy of a party that forgets God is the joy of the foolish virgins who didn't put the oil in their lamps.
And the hopes of the modern world are in a new world without God, without the Church - right here would be heaven
Our joys and our hopes are supernatural; joys we have the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And our hope is not heaven and earth.
St. Pius X also recalls that the model of civilization is not to be invented, we should not build a novus ordo saeculorum as Freemasonry, but whether to restore Christian civilization.
And that civilization is this? Civilization [is that] which has the Catholic Church as his soul, the same civilization that gave rise to the university, the hospital, great works of art and architecture; saw emerge charity and saw men and women give his life only to glory of God. The civilization that gave rise to one of the most beautiful architectural works, if not the most beautiful of human history: the Gothic Cathedral, pointing to heaven and giving glory to God for the perfection of carved stone and the stained glass, which made ​​the man could look at the sun; signal Church itself that allows us to look to God to look at her.
But St. Pius X also recalls that " there is always renewed attacks of utopia unhealthy, rebellion and wickedness. "There are always new attacks this Christian Civilization.
Pius XII, once told us three attacks on Christian civilization, and from them we can talk, perhaps a fourth attack.
The first attack on Christian civilization was the cry in the sixteenth century, "Christ Yes, Church No".Protestantism: the Church does not need to have faith in Christ. I do not need the Church, the Pope I do not need, do not need priests to forgive sins, do not need priests to celebrate Mass [is what they say].
The second major attack came with the French Revolution and the Masonic ideal: "God yes, not Christ!", All religions are good because, deep down, none of them could speak truly of God. God could not reveal himself; God would be a great architect of the universe or a great watchmaker. There would be no true religion but a vague idea of God.
Then the atheism of the nineteenth century, with its strength in communism, said: "God is dead. Man is God. "
During the twentieth century, we also emerge an even bigger mess: the man is not [only] God. Pantheism, the New Age and have said so many things: nature is God, the man is more in the nature.
My brothers, this thought, unfortunately, is not only outside the precincts of the Church. The smoke of Satan has entered the Church. Not you? We see today just like Protestants Catholics say, "Christ yes, the Church no!"?"I do not need the priest to [receive] the sacraments. We are all priests alike. I will go directly to God. " And there is disobedience to liturgical laws, canonical, faith, morals: me and Christ, many Catholics say.
But also, how many Catholics do not say all religions are good and will save everyone? It is the Masonic mentality.
But also the mentality communist liberation theology and all similar trying to harmonize the Gospel to Marx: "adult Christianity".
How many Catholics are confused by this cultural revolution in which we live. [They] say: I am Catholic, but pro-abortion or, as you have seen recently, people very well with PhDs in theology in favor of homosexual unions.
Instaurare omnia in Christo says St. Pius X. I want to finish now and unfortunately I can not read the rest because too much time has passed.
On this trip to the United States and El Paso, I could be in the first church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in this country, in Pennsylvania, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And there ask a Grace of God: Grace Benedict XVI or his successor ... I'm asking the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary grace - and I think we should all ask for it - a new St. Pius X for the Church. A pope holy and strong enough to shake the enemies outside the Church and drive - or correct - the enemies that are inside it. The wolves in sheep's clothing that are in the sacred precincts making suffer the Sacred Heart of Our Lord.
This, I believe, is our mission and of all Christians: pray, pray and pray. Fight the devil, the world and the flesh, against temptations, and submit ourselves to the perennial teaching of the Magisterium of the Church. Ask for help from God and his Blessed Mother: her, may our thoughts and our hearts. And now also, at your feet, learn to say - and I repeat the thought of a holy priest who helped me a lot: "I have in mind, lips and heart one aspiration: Roma, Roma, Roma".
Let us pray to the Immaculate Heart of Mary that the Church will soon be out of this crisis and many souls to be saved, we save ourselves - do not consider ourselves better than anyone, because it is an unmerited grace to be here today. And as the Cristeros I want to end this sermon with the highest praise that a sinful soul and little one can say to the world that pursues God and his Church: Viva Cristo Rey! Amen In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

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